The ice making process of pure ice cube machine should know?

There are many types of ice machines with different sizes and produce different sizes of ice. You can choose the type of machine that is suitable for the purpose and needs of use.

You will wonder how the common ice making process of pure ice machines is, so you should invest in an ice machine but can’t manually operate the product? It is possible that each machine will be a little different in production mechanism, specifications or some small equipment in the machine, but all have common ice making process.

Ice making process of pure ice cube machine

Basic: The ice maker will start from the water source. When you direct a certain water source into the ice machine, the water treatment system will automatically treat this water until it meets the standards. Then the standard amount of water will be pumped to the water tank. Here the water will begin to flow into the ice pipes and continue to move to the cold storage.

The cooling mechanism of the ice cube machine is refrigerant cooling. When solid ice fills the tube, the machine will switch to defrost mode.

The ice machine adheres to a smart, quality ice-making process
The ice machine adheres to a smart, quality ice-making process

The structure of the main machine some components of the ice making process

Refrigeration compressor of the system

Made in Japan, this is an extremely important part of the ice making system. The machine will compress gas with low temperature and pressure into high temperature and pressure. The capacity of the machine will depend on the ice size and ice making capacity.

Cooling condenser unit

This is a device to exchange and discharge heat to water, reducing the pressure and temperature of the gas. The reduced pressure and temperature of the gas will turn into a liquid and return to the container. This cooler usually comes with a water pump and a cooling tower to cool the water together.

High-pressure container and liquid separator:  This is a designed vessel capable of withstanding high pressure. Liquid refrigerant after cooling through the condenser will be returned to the high-pressure container. Used to separate the liquid flow in the suction line so as not to affect the refrigeration compressor. This unit is usually located behind the mortar, in the refrigerant return line.

Heat recovery tank

The hot gas stream to the ice machine and the cold gas stream to the compressor will meet at the heat exchanger, which is the heat recovery tank. These are two opposing currents, so it is possible to take advantage of the excess heat at the compressor return line to cool the hot stream before supplying it to the stone mortar.


This is a device that performs the function of reducing the pressure suddenly so that the cold gas flow is suddenly reduced to negative, making the water in the ice mortar freeze to form ice cubes.

Ice machine mortar: To complete the ice making process, the equipment cannot lack the ice cube machine. This is an important part to help water form ice. Water moves from the tube from the top down to meet the refrigerant, which will freeze the water into ice cubes.

The theory is that the paths are simple, but need a lot of support from smart devices to produce.
The theory is that the paths are simple, but need a lot of support from smart devices to produce.

In addition to the above equipment, the ice machine also has other equipment to support the making of pure ice. However, in general, any type of machine will guarantee such a certain ice-making process.

It is because we have to go through many complicated stages that we need the support of a pure ice machine, and the machine will also help us meet a large number of products for consumption. With a methodical ice-making process, the ICE COOL ice maker deserves to be the choice for you to think about and own a machine with this great benefit.

Quotation for ice machine ICE COOL

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The ICE COOL ice machine is completely worth your investment and use for a long time, providing the best efficiency.

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Ice machine ICE COOL Vietnam is always ready to advise and support on how to choose the right ice machine capacity, design a pure ice factory and provide production technology transfer to customers. row.

For detailed advice, please contact Hotline (Zalo): 0935.345.808   or call center: 094.110.8888 for support.

Thank you for trusting and installing the ICE COOL ice machine!

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