Overview structure of the ice machine? What is the function of the machine?

Currently, the demand for business forms of products from ice machines is increasingly diverse. With this development, production machinery is also upgraded day by day. With improvements in how to use the simple ice maker. So the machine will be able to be grasped by most ice cube machine owners. From this principle you can also handle common problems.

But for intensive problem you need time to study the machine. Let’s study this product with us to know the structure and function of the machine!

Structure of the appearance of the ice machine

Ice cube machines of all kinds produce ice in tubes about 56cm in length. From there, while making ice there is a type of refrigerant that will cool the outside of the tube. The two main salient features of the ice making process are freezing and thawing. The popular industrial ice machine is constructed in a vertical form.

The machine has a vertical form with condenser form. On the body, there is a round cylinder and inside there are many pipes connected. The water tank of the ice maker is located at the top. Then the water to be cooled will flow into the pipe, the water will be cooled. Freezing takes place slowly on the inner surface of the tube.

Over a period of cooling in the body system, the thickness of the ice increases to 12-15mm. That is also the time when the freezing process ends and the thawing process is over. The excess water of the machine will then be collected by a bucket below to continue the second freezing process.

To create the finished product, the hot gas system is transferred to the liquid propellant in the tank. At the same time, this amount of gas is also recovered into another tank. At the end of the process, the machine will melt the thin layer of ice to separate the ice from the tube. Rock that separates and falls out of the tube will be cut into short pieces as required. Thanks to this, the thawing process (second cooling stage) takes place easily and quickly.

Finished ice cubes are produced from an ice cube machine
Finished ice cubes are produced from an ice cube machine

How to get the most out of your ice maker

Interested in general information of the machine

When buying an ice maker, we need to double check it. Check the parameters including the inside of the machine and also the technical parameters related to the machine. With large ice machines, most ice machines have the same operating principle. Therefore, we do not need to worry too much about this problem of machine operation. Such an overview of machine information helps you to limit risks during the use of the product.

How to check the overview of the ice machine

  • Carefully check the specifications. Wrong to use the machine, the product ensures that the amount of ice that the machine produces is enough for demand. Remember to observe the amount of water entering and the amount of ice produced regularly or not
  • When carrying out production, remember to pay attention to the outside temperature and water supply. Look carefully at the ice tray, electric motor, and water pump in the direction of rotation. Is this device correct, it should be adjusted correctly if the direction of rotation is wrong. In the water supply equipment you need to know that the water tank must be full for the production to run smoothly.
  • When operating the machine, the radiator also needs to be cooled in time. When using, it is necessary to check the amount of water here. In the auxiliary equipment you need to have enough oil for the compressor to operate smoothly. Or the compressor suction valve system or not.
  • The most important thing when operating the machine you need to check the power source, circuit breaker, fuse, CB. Make sure the device is always working to avoid unexpected problems.
  • The final step is to check the amount of finished ice after each machine operation. Double check why the machine was made and the cutter is still working properly.
Construction of large industrial ice machine
Construction of large industrial ice machine

After you must have thoroughly checked that the machine does not have any problems. We will proceed with the operation and creation of the ice machine product.

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