Installing reputable cold storage

Freezing cold storage is an important system in the food processing and preservation industry, products are not only widely used by processing enterprises but also in households, restaurants, cafeterias, etc. Let’s learn more about this product through the content of the article below.

Information you need to know about freezing cold storage

What is freezing cold storage?

Freezing cold storage is a cold storage system used to preserve and store products that are likely to perish quickly due to environmental impacts such as aquatic products, agricultural products, fruits, etc.

Actual image of cold storage frozen by ICE COOL provided
Actual image of cold storage frozen by ICE COOL provided

Freezer cold storage is similar to conventional refrigerators but has a larger size and is equipped with a chiller cluster with superior capacity. The cooling system has the function of reducing the temperature to freezing in a short time and then being taken to cold storage for preservation to help maintain the quality.

Working principle of frozen cold storage

Freezer cold storage works on the principle of using forced convection air to cool food, products will be put on a car made of stainless steel with many floors with large distances to help cold air circulate. Forced passage and direct heat exchange at both the top and bottom of the product/

Advantages and disadvantages of frozen cold storage

  • Advantage: 

Freezing cold storage helps to store and preserve many products for a long time without losing nutritional value, the color of the product keeps the product in the best state and always ready to bring to the market. anytime.

Variety of fish, meats, vegetables, and fruits
Variety of fish, meats, vegetables, and fruits

Commodities and food products, when stored in cold storage, will retain their natural freshness without the use of preservatives, so they are always safe for human health. In addition, it is easy to transport from one place to another, easy to dismantle and flexibly in any case.

  • Defect:

Freezing cold storage is only suitable for large enterprises with stable products and regular productivity so that the frozen warehouse can operate continuously to effectively achieve the machine’s capacity. 

Thus, it can be seen that the advantages of freezing cold storage are many and only a small disadvantage, so why hesitate any longer without immediately contacting Ice Cool cold storage company to get warehouse products. Best quality freezer.

Supplier of low-cost, high-quality cold storage
Supplier of low-cost, high-quality cold storage

Cold storage company ICE COOL- specializes in installing cheap and reputable cold storage

Cold storage company ICE COOL is a unit with many years of experience in the field of consulting, construction, design and installation of cold storage, which is highly appreciated by many customers. The company has a team of professionally trained technical staff with a dedicated and enthusiastic working attitude that will surely satisfy customers. 

ICE COOL frozen cold storage products are made from high-grade panels with high insulation ability, can be used in high acid environments without fear of rust, damage, etc. The cold storage is installed conveniently. for users with high aesthetics, long-term stable operation to meet the full capacity of use needs. 

Just pick up the phone and call the hotline +84 94 110 8888 and you will have the company’s consultants answer all your questions and offer the most effective cold storage solution. 

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