Design of cold storage to preserve milk – the most effective and economical way to preserve milk

Designing cold storage for milk preservation is a service widely used not only in milk production and processing enterprises but also in restaurants and business households. This is especially important equipment for units directly milking fresh milk because it helps to preserve milk in the best state before being processed. Let’s learn more about this product through the content of the article below. 

What is cold storage of milk?

The design of cold storage to preserve milk is currently the demand of many milk suppliers in the market. This product not only brings many advantages to users but also meets the different requirements of users in preserving milk. Milk cold storage is essentially a large refrigerator that is capable of storing large quantities of milk for a long time without affecting the quality of milk, the product still retains the nutrients and flavor. taste.

Cold storage to preserve milk
Cold storage to preserve milk

With the current large demand for milk, the amount of milk produced is too much, but there are no good preservation measures, causing a series of dairy products to be destroyed due to spoilage and unusable. This does not greatly affect the profit of the business, but it also directly affects human health. Therefore, to overcome the above situation, people use cold storage to preserve milk. 

Uses of cold storage to preserve milk

Normally, fresh milk after being squeezed will be at a temperature of about 35-37 degrees Celsius, but it contains a lot of bacteria, so they will grow and multiply quickly when exposed to the outside temperature environment. spoiled yogurt. Therefore, after milking, milk must be processed and stored at a temperature of 2 – 5 degrees Celsius in a cold room to keep the beneficial nutrients in the milk. 

Use cold storage to preserve milk for a long time
Use cold storage to preserve milk for a long time

Using cold storage to preserve milk will help preserve dairy products such as fresh milk, yogurt, condensed milk, etc., reducing the risk of milk spoilage due to environmental exposure. With the right temperature, it also inhibits the growth of microorganisms to help preserve milk for longer. It can be said that this is the safest and most quality way to preserve milk in large quantities to ensure food safety and hygiene, good for the health of users.

Milk preservation by cold storage is being widely applied and strongly developed in our country, with the preeminent features that cold storage milk brings cold storage milk plays an indispensable role in the dairy industry. milk production in Vietnam. This product is also increasingly popular, appreciated for its outstanding quality. 

ICE COOL Company – the unit that installs cold storage to preserve quality milk

Cold storage company ICE COOL is one of the cold storage contractors with many years of experience in the field of consulting, installing and designing cold storage for professional milk preservation. We have many years of experience in the market, so we can meet the different requirements of users in the design and installation of cold storage. Each product provided to customers ensures the elements of quality as well as high applicability.

More and more cold storage for flowers is installed
More and more cold storage for flowers is installed

The company owns a team of highly qualified and technical staff who have participated in many cold storage installation projects across the country, always working with 200% of their commitment to bring you the best installation services. order quality cold storage with best price. Immediately after receiving the requirements from customers, the company will send consultants and installation staff in the fastest time. Therefore, it is possible to meet all the needs of customers quickly.

ICE COOL milk storage cold storage is designed from high-grade panels with good insulation, with air-conditioner clusters imported directly from abroad, stable and effective operation to meet the full capacity of use. enterprise use. In addition, the product is also very easy to construct and install, so the dismantling and moving of the bow is not too difficult and flexible in all cases that need to be relocated. You will save a lot of time using this product.

So what are you waiting for, do not immediately contact ICE COOL cold storage via hotline +84 941108888 to be answered by the company’s consulting team, offering solutions to design cold storage to preserve milk with the best quality. With the information about cold storage to preserve milk provided above, hopefully you have gained the most useful knowledge. Do not forget to contact ICE COOL immediately for dedicated answers and quotes for each product.

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