Installing professional yogurt preservation cold storage

Cold storage for preserving yogurt is a product used to properly preserve yogurt with a temperature of 6-8 degrees Celsius, the ideal condition for the best yogurt to achieve complete smoothness. Therefore, using cold storage is a suitable and economical method to help yogurt achieve the best quality that businesses choose to use widely. Let’s learn more about this product through the content of the article below. 

Introduction of cold storage to preserve yogurt

Cold storage to preserve yogurt is actually a large refrigerator used to preserve yogurt. The product is equipped with a large air conditioner to adjust the temperature down and keep it about 6 to 8 degrees to help preserve yogurt in the best conditions, if it exceeds 8 degrees, it will affect the taste of yogurt.

Yogurt is a product produced by bacteria fermenting milk, there are many types of milk to make yogurt, but cow’s milk is the most used. Yogurt has a thick, creamy taste with a delicious taste, especially it also contains a lot of good nutrients for the body, so this is always a popular product and used daily.

Yogurt is preserved in cold storage
Yogurt is preserved in cold storage

Store yogurt properly in cold storage 

Currently, the demand for yogurt is increasing, for families with young children, yogurt is indispensable due to the great benefits that this product brings. Since then, the number of products produced every day is very large, according to experts in the yogurt industry, it is recommended that to preserve yogurt it is best to use cold storage with a temperature of 6-8 degrees Celsius. 

If during transportation, yogurt has undergone a storage temperature of over 8 degrees Celsius, it should be left at 1-6 degrees Celsius to regain its smooth consistency. During transportation, avoid tilting the yogurt to avoid losing the milk structure.

Should choose a place to install cheap and quality cold storage
Should choose a place to install cheap and quality cold storage

The best unit to install cold storage to preserve yogurt today

Cold storage for preserving yogurt is only really effective and good when you find the best quality product. To do so, you need to find yourself a reputable, top quality cold storage supplier on the market today. However, because there are quite a few units that supply, design and install this product, some users are still confused when choosing a product.

Currently, there are many reputable units that install cold storage to preserve yogurt, but the most prominent of them is the name ICE COOL. Cold storage company ICE COOL is a unit specializing in the design and installation of cold storage, trusted by many businesses. We are also appreciated by many units for the quality when using cold storage for a long time. Therefore, in recent years, the company has always received many orders from business units and large enterprises when there is a need to use cold storage.

With many years of experience in the field of industrial cold storage, the company owns a team of highly skilled and well-trained staff in the field of refrigeration that will bring you quality services. Most guarantee:

When installing industrial cold storage, a lot of attention is needed
When installing industrial cold storage, a lot of attention is needed
  • Friendly service staff, dedicated to answering your questions
  • Bring efficiency, save time to install cold storage for businesses
  • If there is any problem, just contact us and we will be there to fix it 24/7
  • Price is always one of the reasons why many people choose ICE COOL cold storage company because we always offer the best price, suitable for your pocket.

ICE COOL yogurt cold storage products are equipped with an indoor unit system imported from abroad, the warehouse shell is made of high-grade insulation panels that are not only luxurious and beautiful but also durable, meeting all requirements. your production needs. Not only in the impressive design, when using ICE COOL cold storage, you can also save a lot of time, effort and cost.

Especially when buying products provided by ICE COOL, the usage time is also longer. You will also enjoy all the preferential prices, the company’s warranty and use cold storage products with clear origin and guaranteed quality. For more information about the installation service of cold storage to preserve cheap yogurt or need to install other types of cold storage, please contact us via +84 941108888  for further advice.

With the above information, you probably have your answer when you need to buy cold storage to preserve yogurt. Please contact ICE COOL or get a quote right below to order the best product.

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