Installation of low-quality industrial cold storage

Installing cheap industrial cold storage is one of the most used services today by large-scale food and food production businesses. Industrial cold storage has gradually become an important part of the freezing industry, let’s learn more about this product through the following article.

Information to know before installing industrial cold storage

Proper installation of industrial cold storage will bring you better efficiency and quality of use. Industrial cold storage products are currently being sought and used by many people. Especially the units that supply large quantities of food on the market. This is a product that is very popular in modern society and brings great benefits to users’ health.

What is industrial cold storage?

Industrial cold storage is a product that has the same function as a regular refrigerator but has a large size, so it is often used by large-scale food production businesses. Cold storage is specially designed to keep the internal temperature cold and not exposed to the ambient temperature to keep the stored products in the best condition.

Unlike conventional cold storage, industrial cold storage is installed with a large indoor unit system that is fully equipped to ensure the function of freezing all kinds of products and goods of the company. The size of this product is also larger than other types of cold storage. Thereby meeting the different requirements of users when used to preserve food.

Industrial cold storage
Industrial cold storage

Classification of industrial cold storage

There are many types of industrial cold storage available in the market. Therefore, when installing industrial cold storage, you also need to understand each type of cold storage to choose the best quality product. Currently, industrial cold storage is divided into 3 types according to temperature as follows:

  • Freezing cold storage: with an average temperature of minus 35 to minus 45 degrees Celsius, it is often used to quickly freeze products such as fresh food, seafood, meat, etc.
  • Cold storage freezers: with an average temperature of minus 16 to 20 are the most commonly used ones because they are capable of storing a variety of foods for a long time without affecting the quality.
  • Cold storage for cool storage: this is a type of cold storage that uses an average temperature of only 2 to 8 degrees, often used to preserve fruits, agricultural products, and products that do not need too low a temperature and used throughout the day. processed products.

Why should you install cheap industrial cold storage?

Industrial cold storage is what will determine the quality of products in the company’s production and business activities, so installing industrial cold storage is indispensable if you want to preserve and store products in best status. However, the issue of price is still what makes many people wonder when choosing this product.

When installing industrial cold storage, a lot of attention is needed
When installing industrial cold storage, a lot of attention is needed

With perishable fresh products such as seafood, shrimp, fish, raw meat, etc., if there are no proper preservation measures, the products will be attacked by external environmental factors that will reduce the quality of the products. damaged products, causing great damage to the business.

In addition, industrial cold storage will help you store a large number of goods for a long time but without losing the freshness and taste of food, products preserved by cold storage will not need to be used. Using preservatives, thereby bringing products that are absolutely safe for human health. 

Cheap, reputable quality industrial cold storage installation unit

Cold storage ICE COOL is a unit that has many years of experience in the field of consulting, designing and installing cheap industrial cold storage, which is highly appreciated by many customers for its service quality. We specialize in providing all kinds of cold storage, design and construction of cold storage at good prices for all customers.

ICECOOL installs cheap industrial cold storage
ICECOOL installs cheap industrial cold storage

The company has a staff of well-trained, highly technical professionals who always work with 200% of their strength along with a durable standard cold storage system committed to bringing you the best services and products. order cold storage with the best quality and best price on the market.

For advice and more detailed information about the service, please contact us via hotline +84 94 110 8888 or ICECOOL today. With the experience, dedication and enthusiasm, we are committed to bringing you the most satisfied products and service quality. For more detailed information on pricing, you can also refer to the quote right below.

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