All about the production process of quality pure ice cubes

The pelletizing machine is attracting much attention and this is an effective business model that is easy to recover capital. Along with that, the profit is also promising.

It is important that the owner of the clean stone production facility needs to ensure the appropriate scale and capacity. Combined with the quality factor of finished ice cubes to properly and fully meet the standards of food hygiene and safety (food hygiene and safety); optimize the cost of effective production of ice cubes.

And to do all the above factors well, above all, business establishments must absolutely follow the process of producing quality pure ice cubes So what is the process like? Let’s find out more details with ICE COOL Vietnam through the following article!

Process of producing pure ice cubes

As mentioned above, applying the standard ice production process will help ensure quality as well as optimize costs for investors. Now let’s start going step by step! Prepare a source of pure water that meets the standards of direct drinking water of the Ministry of Health Water is an ingredient that helps maintain life as well as all current production activities.

Therefore, not only the production of ice cubes but also any field related to food hygiene must pay attention to the water source. For making ice cubes, the preparation of pure water is really necessary. Because the ice is clean, transparent and long-lasting depends largely on the input water source.

Pure ice factories need to do this very well. Prepare the right industrial filtration system for the cleanest production water!

Preparing a clean water source is the first step in the production of pure ice cubes
Preparing a clean water source is the first step in the production of pure ice cubes

Choose quality pure ice cube maker

Clean ice production facilities rely on the production scale to choose the most suitable industrial ice machine capacity. Regardless of the choice of machine, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the quality of the machine. Because it is not a coincidence that choosing a pure ice machine is the second step in the ice production process. Simply because the quality of the industrial ice machine will directly affect the quality of the finished ice as well as the profit of the unit.

If you choose a good ice machine, you will save a lot of money later. In addition, focusing on choosing a quality ice machine from the beginning will help reduce maintenance, repair and replacement costs later. And this is also an effective step to optimize the cost of ice production.

High quality ice cube maker ICE COOL
High quality ice cube maker ICE COOL

Setting up the pure ice production line After choosing the right industrial ice machine and preparing all the supplies and equipment for the system, the establishment started to set up the production line. to start producing ice cubes. Note that the installation must be done by a professional unit.

This will help ensure the pure ice production line will run smoothly.

Efficient line operation ensures the ice production process

Setting up the complete line, the next step will be to operate and use it as efficiently as possible. Normally, the system installation unit will transfer technology and operating instructions to the workers of the production facility.

At this step, the choice of ice machine is even more important. Because when choosing a good machine, advanced technology, and smooth operation, it will not require skilled workers. And thanks to this, production facilities will reduce labor costs.

Finished product packaging & distribution

Pack and put ice cubes in cold storage for storage
Pack and put ice cubes in cold storage for storage

Packing ice cubes is the final step in the pure ice production process. Here, the establishment makes ice cubes into bags for distribution to the market.

At this step, attention should be paid to protective gear to ensure food hygiene and safety standards. Where should I choose to install the pure ice cube production line? The above pure ice production process is intended for ice business owners to better understand the information of the pure ice production line .

If you are intending to invest and open an ice factory, do not hesitate to contact ICE COOL Vietnam directly.

We will advise and answer all your questions in the fastest and most effective way with a team of professional support staff 24/7. Let’s go with today’s leading industrial refrigeration expert – ICE COOL to be an effective investment and get the fastest profit!

ICE COOL Vietnam – The leading ice factory project consultant today
ICE COOL Vietnam – The leading ice factory project consultant today

Any need for consultation, investment, installation and factory visit for quality and efficiency as well as cost and reasonable pure ice production process.

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