Huge profits when running an ice cube factory

Profit is the profit that you will get when trading a certain item. Big profit means you have succeeded in this investment field. So, for the type of investment like an ice cube factory, how will the profit from the ice factory business be like? How long will it take to get paid back, let’s take a look at this article to get more detailed information about the Ice Machine !

Why do you have huge capital when investing in an ice machine?

Summer is the prime time for you to come up with many business ideas, especially investing in ice machines. Ice machines are indispensable in many restaurants, eateries, etc. So why don’t you try starting a business from an ice machine model? You will certainly earn a small portion somewhere.

Big profit from ice cube factory
Big profit from ice cube factory

Steps to take when deciding to invest in an ice cube factory

Research and probe to understand the market

In general, the ice factory analyzing the ice market is relatively new, the supply of ice is small and the supply is small, the following plans need to be made:

– Is your product attractive to customers?

– How much output do you need in a day?

 How much capacity can I choose to ensure the outside consumption of the product?

– Regional competitors?

You can find many brands of ice machines just by browsing the Internet or electronic supermarkets.

The production and trading of pure ice is also known as a “super-profit” industry with super profits.

Surveying the location of opening a factory business

To start a business, simply choose the right space. Survey the market to see if there are any business locations around the area you plan to open and what is the demand? Prepare documents to complete the business registration. Plan to choose to buy an ice machine with a suitable capacity. Should invest in more cold storage to preserve ice cubes. Design labels to create a unique point for customers to remember your ice factory. Investment and installation of 3-phase power system for production.

So think where to put the ice cube factory
So think where to put the ice cube factory

How much profit can you earn from the ice cube factory

In general, customers invest in installing an ice cube factory in Vietnam in less than a year. This time is intended to recover capital and start making profits. However, this also depends on the amount of capital you spend as well as the size of the factory, business management plan, and the payback period may change.

But almost all payback times are quick. This is the reason why the market for ice cubes is the cradle of “making money” and attracting many people to invest. Fast ice making speed and large capacity, big profit.

Residential ice machines can only produce a few dozen to several kilograms of ice per day. Industrial ice machines can produce 400 kg to 120 tons of ice per day. This will help meet the growing market demand.

Reasons to invest in an ice maker

Make ice cubes clean and safe

When installing industrial ice machines, establishments often invest in installing more water filtration systems to ensure there is a source of clean, pure water for the machine to operate. Therefore, the produced ice cubes will ensure cleanliness and purity, ensure food safety and hygiene, and meet the growing demand for refreshments of the consumer market.

Cost savings

With the application of modern ice-making technology to the ice factory , saving electricity and large capacity, the average cost of making 1 kg of ice by an industrial machine will be much cheaper than that of a residential or traditional refrigerator. system. Therefore, the investment and installation of industrial ice machines in restaurants, hotels, entertainment and commercial areas will help save production costs and increase profits.

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In short, an ice factory with a profit of more than 100 million, you will have a great investment opportunity. Do not hesitate to visit the website to choose for yourself the right ice machine ICE COOOL ice machine .

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