The cheapest and most reputable place to sell ice cube machines today

Where is the most reputable place to sell ice machine? Should the ice machine be used according to the market trend or not? Is it expensive to invest in this equipment? These are all very common questions when we are looking for information about ice machines. Therefore, this article will summarize all the necessary questions for you about this modern device line.

Overview of the ice cube machine

The ice machine is now no stranger to many business units in the market. This product is also currently supplied by many units with different models and designs. However, to be able to use this product effectively, you also need to learn about the ice maker.

What is an ice machine?

Ice cube machine is a specialized pure ice production equipment for good productivity. Currently on the market there are a variety of models and capacities of this machine, so businesses can rest assured to choose. In addition, its price segment is also relatively suitable for most budgets and within the affordability for all business units from small to large.

The picture of the ice machine for your reference
The picture of the ice machine for your reference

Equipment includes parts such as water filter system, cooling condenser, high pressure storage tank, throttle valve, liquid separator, heat recovery tank, ice cube machine,… Usually ice machines The pellets all work on the principle that steam is sucked into the compressor in the form of low pressure, which is compressed by the compressor to high temperature and high pressure. After that, the process goes through the oil separator, condenser, evaporator and then the high-pressure tank.

When to use an ice maker?

So when is it necessary to use an ice maker? In fact, if your business has a need to trade in bulk ice for stores or self-produce to serve your food processing and preservation lines or your chain of restaurants and hotels, you should Use an ice maker. In addition, if used in family space, small business households should only choose mini machines, home ice machines for savings.

How to choose a good place to sell ice cube machines?

Do you want to buy and sell ice cube machines but have not chosen a reputable selling address? So keep in mind some useful information below:

  • It is necessary to choose brands with many years of experience in production and distribution
  • The seller must have a reputation, there are many people who have used the product
  • Has the store’s headquarters address, real contact information
  • Have a website that is on the top of Google search?

Advantages and disadvantages of ice cube machine

You may have heard a lot about ice machines on the market, but not everyone understands the pros and cons of this modern device.


One of the biggest advantages that the ice machine has over conventional ice-making refrigerators is its ability to cool extremely quickly. Its production speed is only from 20 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes. Therefore, it is mainly suitable for enterprises with large business scale.

Fast ice maker for early product
Fast ice maker for early product

Due to the large capacity, the average cost to produce 1kg of ice cubes is not large. In addition, all ice machines have a closed operating process, so they are very hygienic and do not require a lot of labor. At the same time, the device is also integrated with many automatic features and the ability to save energy and be environmentally friendly.


The biggest advantage when installing an industrial ice machine is that it requires a synchronous factory, cold storage, and a dedicated water purifier system. Therefore, if you have a large business, you need to have a capital of at least 500 million or more to be able to make a profit. Besides, due to the large capacity of the machine, it is inevitable that the problem of noise can be avoided. In addition, during operation, the machine will sometimes encounter problems, but it is not too serious and can be fixed quickly.

ICE COOL – Prestigious brand selling ice cube machines

If you are looking for a reputable ice maker in the market, then ICE COOL will be a great choice. Compared to the establishments selling machines of unknown origin, ICE COOL would like to commit that the entire production process of our ice machines is in Vietnam.

Address to sell reputable and quality ice cube machines
Address to sell reputable and quality ice cube machines

The equipment is researched and developed by a team of leading engineers along with inheriting modern European standard technology, we always ensure to bring to our partners the best products, leading the market. .

In addition, the cost of ice machines from 1 ton, 2 ton, 10 ton,… to 30 tons at ICE COOL only ranges from 230 million VND or more. Compared with models imported from Thailand and Germany, our equipment is priced at only ½, ⅓ but not inferior in quality.

For more information about the address for selling quality ice machines, please contact ICE COOL’s hotline 094.110.8888 to have the opportunity to buy products at preferential prices with a warranty policy of up to 12 months.

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