How much should the investment cost to produce ice cubes be effective?

For traders, capital and production costs are always a big headache. No exception, with ice business establishments, the cost production of ice cubes as well as how to balance this cost to achieve the most effective is always a top concern.

In addition, the factors related to the ice machine as well as the problem of opening an ice factory are paid attention to by establishments.

With any business field, production costs are always an important factor
With any business field, production costs are always an important factor

Wishing to help you who are intending to start an ice business with the best preparation steps to make your job more convenient, here ICE COOL Vietnam would like to provide some information related to investment costs. production of ice cubes. We invite you to follow along!

Ice cube production process

In addition to the cost, the production process also attracts the attention of many people who are planning to open an ice cube factory. Here, ICE COOL would like to go into detail about the ice cube production process, invite you to read along:

Prepare a source of pure water to ensure standards

Direct drinking water This is a factor to ensure food hygiene and safety of finished products. And of course you need to use the source of ice-making water that must meet the direct drinking water standards of the Ministry of Health.

In addition, pure water will help ice melt longer and clearer. Thanks to that, you will also optimize a part of the production cost of ice and ice.

Choose a quality ice maker

Please choose a quality industrial ice machine that is suitable for your needs.

After that, you need to install the machine in a spacious, well-ventilated place and avoid direct heat. Currently on the market, there are popular industrial ice machines such as:

  • Pure ice cube machine;
  • Super clean ice machine;
In addition to the cost, the ice production process is also of interest to many ice businesses
In addition to the cost, the ice production process is also of interest to many ice businesses

Adjust and operate the elements related to the ice machine

During the production process, it is necessary to adjust the temperature and time of making ice to ensure the quality of ice. Also, you should check the ice tray from time to time for proper adjustment.


After you have “made” quality batches of ice, quickly pack them into appropriate packaging.

In this step, it is also necessary to use gloves and protective gear to ensure food hygiene and safety factors for the entire process. How much is the cost of producing ice cubes that is reasonable and effective? Production costs are always a prerequisite factor affecting the profit as well as the selling price of the finished product.

And of course in the ice business is no exception.

The original price of ice cubes is calculated according to the following formula: Price of 1 bag of ice = (Electricity + water + gas + labor + other costs) / number of bags of finished ice.

In there:

  • Electricity is the cost of electricity consumed when producing ice cubes; Water and gas money is the cost to have water to make ice as well as gas to operate;
  • Labor – Cost of recruiting production workers; Other costs include salt money, machine wear and tear, supplies, machinery repair costs, etc.
  • Number of finished ice bags obtained after packing;
  • As for other costs that may be incurred, the cost of ice cubes may vary.

So to be more accurate, you should calculate the price of 1 bag of ice based on the actual price and the accounting volume of consumption.

The cost of producing ice cubes depends on many factors
The cost of producing ice cubes depends on many factors

Above is the reference cost, and normally it will vary depending on capacity as well as a few other factors. For detailed advice, please contact the hotline: 0935 345 808 now!

ICE COOL, the leading cost and process consultant for ice production today

To optimize production costs, it is necessary to optimize many factors. In which, the selection of ice machine is especially important.

In general, industrial ice machines with diverse designs and capacities can meet all the needs of business establishments.

Therefore, when choosing an ice cube maker, it is manufactured from guaranteed materials; according to the needs of use; while saving energy and consumables. This is the most effective solution to help optimize investment costs for ice production.

Coming to ICE COOL, you will be advised to choose the most effective industrial ice machine.

At the same time, ICE COOL’s system does not require skilled workers, so you save an additional amount of money on labor. We are sure to help you with your ice cube business. You just need to “Give Trust” and “Get Prestige”.

All needs for consultation, investment, installation and visit to the pure quality and efficient ice factory as well as reasonable cost of ice production.

Please contact ICE COOL Vietnam at:

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Above is an article to share how much effective investment should be in the production of ice cubes, ICE COOL ice machine hopes to help you a lot when learning about investing in an ice factory.

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