Washing machine with ozone aeration technology for collective kitchens (schools, companies, industrial parks,…) to clean food and fruit

Ozone aeration technology washing machines for collective kitchens are increasingly popular in food cleaning for many reasons. Ozone gas has strong oxidizing ability, helping to effectively destroy bacteria, viruses, parasites, and eliminate toxins that may exist on the surface of food. The operating mechanism of an ozone generator includes creating ozone gas and dispersing it through water or directly onto food, thereby providing a safe, highly effective cleaning solution without the use of chemicals. toxic.

The convenience and effectiveness of ozone generators in ensuring food safety make them an indispensable part in collective kitchens of schools, companies, or industrial parks. Using this technology not only helps improve food quality but also contributes to environmental protection by minimizing the use of cleaning chemicals.

Fruit and vegetable washing machine with modern Ozone aeration technology
Fruit and vegetable washing machine with modern Ozone aeration technology

Why is it necessary to clean collective kitchen food?

The issue of dirty and unknown food is a major concern in the community, especially in collective kitchens such as schools, companies, or industrial parks, which provide large amounts of food for everyone. many people. Consuming spoiled food, impregnated with chemicals, or containing large amounts of pesticides and growth enhancers can cause many serious health consequences such as food poisoning, neurological disorders, and other health problems. cardiovascular and respiratory system problems.

Meanwhile, collective kitchens at large organizations such as schools and companies play an important role in providing meals for hundreds, even thousands of people every day. If these meals contain contaminated food or toxins, the consequences will not be limited to just a few individuals but could affect the entire community. For this reason, washing and cleaning food in communal kitchens before processing is essential to ensure everyone’s safety.

Structure of fruit and vegetable washing machine
Structure of fruit and vegetable washing machine

Ozone washing machine – Perfect food cleaning solution for collective kitchens

Ozone gas has long been recognized as a powerful disinfectant, capable of eliminating pathogens on food surfaces. However, simply steaming ozone into food soaking water often does not bring optimal results because ozone gas cannot be distributed evenly across surfaces. To solve this problem, modern ozone aerators integrate a smart distribution mechanism, helping ozone gas reach deep into every crevice and every corner of the food. Thanks to that, the ability to destroy harmful bacteria and microorganisms is significantly enhanced, even reaching 100% elimination of pathogens.

Benefits of using ozone washing machine for collective kitchens

  • The washing machine has the ability to deeply clean, removing up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and toxins present on food.
  • Chemicals such as pesticides, growth stimulants and preservatives are effectively decomposed and no longer exist on food after ozone aeration.
  • Using this machine helps prevent the risk of food poisoning, and is especially safe for fruits and vegetables to be eaten raw without heat treatment.
  • Food after being treated with ozone will retain its freshness longer, extending its preservation time.
  • In addition, the machine also helps remove unpleasant odors from food, increasing the delicious flavor of the dish.
Modern Ozone aeration technology is very necessary today because there is a lot of dirt
Modern Ozone aeration technology is very necessary today because there is a lot of dirt

How to use an ozone aerator to clean food

When using an ozone aerator to clean food, it is necessary to adjust the ozone concentration and time to suit each type of food. This helps ensure the cleaning process is effective without compromising product quality. The water used to soak food needs to be clean water, the amount of water should be enough to cover the food, avoid soaking too much or too little so that the ozone can be evenly distributed and have optimal effects.

In addition, to ensure safety, the ozone generator should not be placed near heat sources or potentially explosive devices. Following these instructions will help you use your ozone aerator safely and effectively, thereby improving food hygiene in your home.

Ozone aeration typically takes 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of food and the level of cleaning needed. Ozone will quickly react with bacteria, viruses and dirt, effectively decomposing them.

Once the ozone blasting process is complete, drain the water and rinse the food under clean running water to remove any remaining ozone residue.

Dry food with a clean towel or let it dry naturally before storing in the refrigerator or preparing it.

Advantages of fruit and vegetable washing machines with Ozone aeration technology

  • Effective sterilization and removal of pollutants: Our ozone aeration technology fruit and vegetable washer uses an ozone-oxygenation process to sterilize and completely remove pollutants such as pesticides, bacteria, and viruses. bacteria and mold. This ensures maximum protection for your health and that of your family, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.
  • Whirlpool cleaning technology: Designed with a whirlpool spray system, the aerator creates a stream of air into the washing tank, helping to clean each part of fruits and vegetables in the most effective and meticulous way.
Modern Ozone aeration technology is essential for life today
Modern Ozone aeration technology is essential for life today
  • In-tank heating system: With an in-tank heating system, the machine keeps the water at a stable temperature, ensuring you do not need to worry about cold hands on winter days or when in cold areas.
  • Safe for health and the environment: Using advanced technology and without the need for detergents, the ozone aerator ensures that fruits and vegetables after washing will no longer contain any harmful chemicals, giving you peace of mind. Enjoy fresh, delicious and safe food.

Our line of ozone aeration technology washing machines is committed to bringing you peace of mind and satisfaction with the quality of fresh food every day. Hopefully every drop of water in this washing machine will contribute to promoting better life and health for you and your family.

Please join us in our journey to protect health and the environment – “Fruit and vegetable washing machine with Ozone aeration technology” is the perfect solution for a peaceful and sustainable life.

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