Steps to install and operate ice machine ICE COOL

The following article presents the process of installing and operate the ice machine ICE COOL to help customers easily use the ice machine.

Install and operate the ice machine

Install the ice machine

Install and operate the ice machine
Install and operate the ice machine
  1. Using a crane, lever or roller to put the machine, cooling tower in the right position based on the advice of technical staff and actual conditions (machine installation area, main water supply pipe, electrical supply cabinet) ….).
  2. Install the cold water tank and put the ice bucket in place.
  3. Install the water filter. Before installation, clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
ICE COOL ice machine water filter
ICE COOL ice machine water filter

Install the water pipe:

  • Install the water pipe from the cold water tank to the ice water supply pump, through the water tank on the stone mortar.
  • Install the pipe from the main water supply line to the cooling tower, to the cooling water pump, through the condenser and back to the cooling tower.
  • Take the main water supply line for the water filter, take the pipe from the filter to the cold water tank.
5 ton ice cube machine
5 ton ice cube machine


  • Open all valves installed on the machine.
  • The jack keeps the solenoid valve sucked.
  • The gas charger meter has 3 outputs below: the middle is connected to the vacuum cleaner, the green end is connected to the gas charging knob of the ice machine, the red end is connected to one end and then on the high pressure output of the compressor.
  • Turn on the machine to run until all white smoke comes out from the hood, ending the vacuum
  • Electrical connection for the remaining equipment: bucket, water pump, cooling tower fan.

Gas charger for the machine.

  • 5-6 first gas cylinders:
  • Connect the gas tank to the center outlet of the charge meter
  • The blue end of the meter is connected to the gas charging knob
  • Lock the green knob, the red knob on the charging meter, fully open the refrigerant gas supply throttle and the gas charging valve.
  • Open the gas tank valve for 2 turns, then open the red knob 2 times until the gas blows out a little, then lock it.
  • Slowly fully open the green knob on the charger, then fully open the gas tank valve, reverse the gas tank for faster charging.
  • The remaining bottles: Let the machine run in gas charging mode then follow the above steps.
  • Normally, the number of gas cylinders used for ice machines is 11 large… or 17 small…

For advice on selection and support on construction and installation of cold storage preservation ice machine, for the most economical and reasonable use.

Please contact ICE COOL Vietnam at:

Hotline:  0935 345 808 or call the switchboard:  094 110 8888 for the most free and thoughtful consultation.

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  • Contact hotline 094 110 8888 for advice and support on customer concerns about ice machine ICE COOL
  • Take customers to visit the ice factory
  • Factory design, ice machine installation location

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