ICE COOL Ice Machine Operation Manual

ICE COOL Ice Machine Operation Manual. Instructions for operating the ice machine

3.1 Basic operating principles

3.1.1 Operating principles

– Before STOPING the machine, it is necessary to CLOSE the compressor’s suction valve first. If the pressure gauge needle is low to 1 kg/cm2, then STOP the machine.

– Before OPENING the compressor’s suction valve, it is necessary to START the machine so that the compressor runs first. When the low pressure gauge needle reaches the value of 1 kg/cm2, then OPEN the suction valve, slowly open it and follow the needle as instructed below (Step 4).

Pure ice machine ICE COOL
Pure ice machine ICE COOL

3.1.2 Meaning of principles

BEFORE STOPING THE COMPRESSOR, it is necessary to CLOSE the compressor suction valve first.

The purpose is to keep the gas in the compressor at least, to prevent gas from condensing into liquid, making the compressor’s later start-up process heavy, even damaging the operating details of the compressor.

Before OPENING the compressor’s suction valve, it is necessary to START the compressor so that the compressor runs first.

The purpose is for the compressor to reach the engine’s rpm in the most gentle way and the gas from the stone mortar does not go to the compressor too much, causing heavy pressure on the compressor when the machine is starting.

The above two principles are required to be followed correctly to protect the compressor to operate most effectively and avoid operational problems.

3.2 Check the ice ready status

When the ICE COOL ice machine has optimized the parameters and the previous operations are normal. Before starting production for a new day, it is necessary to check the general condition.

3.2.1 Check the power supply

– Close the main source CB in the control cabinet of the ICE COOL ice machine.

– Check the status of the power indicator light with 3 lights, the HMI control screen starts up bright.

3.2.2 Check the source of cooling water

– Open the additional water supply valve at the cooling tower (if it was closed before).

– Check the water level in the cooling tower in ready state.

3.2.3 Checking the source of ice-making water

– Close the ice water tank defrosting valve (if the toilet has been opened before).

– Open the water supply valve to the ice water tank under the stone mortar (if it was closed before).

– If the water level is not enough, it is necessary to wait for enough water in the ice cold water bath before starting the machine.

3.2.4 Check the general condition of the machine

– The suction valve to the compressor must be closed before starting the machine. The compressor suction valve is always required to close before stopping the machine in all previous operations.

– Check the suction pressure is too high or not. If the height is more than 10 kg/cm2, care should be taken when starting the machine. When the suction line pressure is too high, it can lead to liquefaction of the gas in the compressor, which is dangerous when starting the machine.

– Check the operation log, the previous operations are normal or not. When all is well, the machine is ready to start production.

3.3 Operation process of ice machine ICE COOL

To operate the ICE COOL ice machine, the operator needs to perform 5 steps as follows:

Step 1: Start screen

Figure 3. ICE COOL ice machine control cabinet.

After the main power circuit board is turned on. On the control panel, at the START function, there is a Swith button, turn to the right to select ON. The control screen is started.

Step 2: Enter the operation screen

Figure 4. Main monitor screen.

On the main monitor screen. Select the operating mode. Screen through the interface step 3.

Other modes:

• “Operation mode”: Select the operating mode of the machine.

• “Time setting”: The parameter has been preset by the technician.

• “Warning”: In case an error occurs, click this item to check for errors.

• “Instructions”: Instructions.

Step 3: Choose working mode

Figure 5. Working mode selection screen

Select START mode to allow screen operation and select AUTO to run automatic mode. Step 4 screen appears.

Step 4: Start the machine

Figure 6. Machine boot screen.

Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check the ready working status of the ice machine.

Before pressing select, note that the left hand is placed on the suction valve of the compressor to be ready to open the valve according to the operating principle in Section 3.1.

In the CONTROL area. Select START to start the machine. Immediately after that, pay attention to observe the low pressure gauge, when the needle drops to the value of 1 kg/cm2, slowly open the suction valve of the compressor. Maintain the pressure below 3 kg/cm2 for 30 seconds, then the suction valve can be fully opened (open slowly and gently).

The machine starts working, performing the ice production process. Until the required amount of ice is reached.

Step 4: Stop the machine

In order to end the ice making process, it should be done at the stage where the system has completed defrosting and the new ice making process has just restarted automatically.

Before pressing STOP, note that the left hand is placed on the suction valve of the compressor to be ready to close the valve. Lock the suction valve and pay attention to the low pressure gauge, when the needle drops to 1 kg/cm2, the same step will be performed to select STOP and continue to lock the suction valve until the closing is completed. valve.

3.4 Notes when operating the ice machine ICE COOL

While the machine is operating, it is necessary to regularly pay attention to the necessary factors such as:

– Cooling tower supply water level to avoid water shortage.

– The level of ice-making water at the water tank under the stone mortar to avoid lack of ice-making water.

– The oil level at the refrigerant compressor oil sight glass to avoid oil loss. The oil level is always equal to or greater than ½ of the viscosity glass level.

– Low pressure gauge parameters are in the range of 1.0 ~ 4 kg/cm2. At the beginning of the ice-making cycle, the index is high. The closer to the defrost cycle, the lower the indicator. When defrosting, low pressure is highest.

– High pressure parameter is in the range of 13~17 kg/cm2. Normal working level 14 ~ 16 kg/cm2. When exceeding 17 kg/cm2, it is necessary to check the machine condition.

– Oil pressure parameters are always at least 1kg/cm2 higher than low pressure.

– If there are abnormal problems, stop the machine and contact the supplier for support.

3.5 Check the operating status of each device

The inspection of the working condition of the equipment usually takes place after troubleshooting or adjusting the equipment and it is necessary to independently check the working condition. At that time, it is necessary to enter the MAIN screen to perform.

To enter the MAIN screen, proceed to step 3. In the MODE area. Select MAIN to enter the screen as below.

Figure 7. MAIN mode screen.

• “COMPRESSOR”: Press the green/red button to start/stop the compressor.

• “Cooling tower”: Press the green/red button to turn on/off the cooling tower pump.

• “COLD WATER PUMP”: Press the blue/red button to turn on/off the cold water pump.

• “STONE CUTTING Knife”: Press the green/red button to turn on/off the stone cutter motor.

• “FISHING”: Press the blue/red button to select/stop manual ice mode.

• “GA LEVEL”: Press the green/red button to select/stop the gas supply mode in case the gas float is damaged.

To return to the main screen, press the arrow “BACK” at the bottom left of the screen and press “AUTO” to switch to automatic mode.

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