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Installing industrial cold storage is interested by many businesses, food processing facilities. Our country belongs to the tropical monsoon region, so it is hot all year round, making food preservation difficult. Therefore, using industrial cold storage is the best way to preserve it. However, not everyone has the knowledge about this product as well as finding a high-quality cold storage installation address on the market. 

Overview of industrial cold storage

Industrial cold storage is a product used to preserve foods that need to be frozen. Industrial cold storage has become an integral part of the cryogenic industry. Cold storage is specially designed to completely insulate from the surrounding environment. This is a very necessary product in modern society, especially it can meet the different requirements of users with high efficiency and outstanding quality.

The product is equipped with a large indoor unit with many functions. We can adjust the temperature of the cold storage to suit each type of goods. Cold storage is applied in processing and preserving food and other commodities. Many businesses, supermarkets, and stores are now using cold storage to preserve and give good results.

Large-scale industrial cold storage
Large-scale industrial cold storage

The quality of the company’s storage products depends on cold storage. With a large storage space, it will help businesses preserve many products in the same temperature range at the same time. This is also a way to help you bring good quality, the highest efficiency when applied in practice.

Industrial cold storage has the role of preserving and storing foods and agricultural products for a long time. Products preserved by cold storage will not need to use preservative chemicals, so they are safe for consumers’ health, increasing the reputation of businesses.

Currently, to easily buy suitable products, people divide industrial cold storage into 3 types based on temperature criteria:

  • Freezing warehouse temperature from -35 to -45 degrees C
  • Freeze storage temperature from 16 to -20 degrees C
  • Cool storage to keep the temperature from 2 to 8 degrees C

Notes when installing industrial cold storage

When using any product, it is necessary to have some notes to remember to bring the best quality and long-lasting performance. Industrial cold storage is no exception. To get a satisfactory cold storage product that meets the requirements of the business, it is necessary to note the following:

When installing industrial cold storage, a lot of attention is needed
When installing industrial cold storage, a lot of attention is needed
  • Choose a location: cold storage is the brain of the business, so choosing a location to install cold storage is very important. It is necessary to choose places that are convenient for moving, avoid leaving food exposed outside for a long time.
  • Proper storage and use: There is a reasonable mode of storage, regular inspection and maintenance. Do not switch on and off continuously because sudden changes in current will damage the machine system.
  • Appropriate temperature and humidity: the food in the warehouse needs to be kept at a suitable temperature to maintain the best quality. In addition, the humidity of the air in the warehouse also needs to change according to different types of preserved food.
  • Cold storage case: Using a quality warehouse shell will help save electrical energy and reduce electricity costs. In addition, choosing the wrong thickness of the shell will damage the insulation panels.
  • Choose a reputable cold storage installation unit: It is recommended to choose a unit with knowledge of cold storage, standard design with a good warranty policy at a favorable price.

Cold storage company ICE COOL is the unit that will meet all the cold storage installation criteria of customers. With a team of quality technical staff and standard imported cold storage system, we will bring you the best quality and best price cold storage installation services . This is also a unit that is being highly appreciated by customers when using the product in practice.

We provide customers with industrial cold storage products with diverse, impressive and modern designs. You can choose the right designs for your space to bring the highest efficiency and meet the needs of food preservation.

The company not only answers all questions of customers but also offers an extremely long warranty. All interests of customers are guaranteed in the best way. So, what are you waiting for, do not immediately contact ICE COOL cold storage via hotline +84 941108888  for advice and more detailed information about industrial cold storage installation service.

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