Install ice machine in Dak Nong 5 ton ice machine and 3 ton coffee machine

In the past April, ICE COOL Vietnam has transported and installed ice machines in Dak Nong , the equipment in this ice production line includes: 5 tons/day ice machine, ice machine. making 3 tons of coffee ice/day, water filtration equipment and cold storage to preserve ice cubes.

Installing an ice machine to Dak Nong
Installing an ice machine to Dak Nong

Installing ice cube machine in Dak Nong

Determining the increasing demand for ice cubes and having great potential in the future, Anh Loc chose the pure ice cube business model, researched and selected the current ice machine suppliers in the world. In the market, Anh Loc in Dak Glong, Dak Nong province trusted ICE COOL as a consultant, designer and supplier of high quality pure ice production equipment.

ICE COOL’s ice machine and coffee machine have many outstanding features that Mr. Loc is very interested in, from the design structure, the machine details are made of high-quality materials with high durability, the screen is adjustable. LCD control is easy to operate and fault detection is easy.

Ice bucket and cooling tower
Ice bucket and cooling tower

Although the water source used through the measuring device during the consultation and installation of the ice factory has reached the standard, with the desire to produce the highest quality ice, Anh Loc has used an additional water filter. ice machine installed by ICE COOL. He confided that he will bring to market the highest quality stones in the area he distributes to customers.

In addition, cold storage to preserve ice is also not necessary in an ice factory, the use of cold storage is not only to preserve ice for a long time, but also to help him be more proactive in production and meet the needs of customers. enough when customer demand increases during holidays and Tet.

Transporting ice machine to Dak Nong
Transporting ice machine to Dak Nong

After receiving the handover and understanding how to operate the ice machine, Mr. Loc expressed his satisfaction and appreciation for the service provided by ICE COOL.

Video of transportation and installation of ice machines in Dak Nong


For all needs about consulting, design of ice factory , quotation of high quality pure ice machine, customers contact the phone number (Zalo): 094 110 8888 we will support in detail. most detailed.

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