How the simplest ice machine works

Most of today’s ice machines operate automatically. No human involvement is required. However, workers need to participate in the movement of the machine. So that you can be proactive in solving operational difficulties. In this article we will suggest you how the ice machine works. The article is designed to be very simple, so anyone can learn and apply it

About how the ice machine works and equipment

The main equipment includes: compressor – condenser (heat exchanger and additional cooling water pump system and cooling tower) – air conditioning system – evaporator system…

Auxiliary device: The working principle of refrigeration is to change the direction and speed of the refrigerant flow! Based on the density of the medium and the finished rock product.

  • High-pressure container: contains high-pressure liquid. The task is to release the heat exchanger surface of the condenser and provide enough refrigerant for the throttling – liquid separation system.
  • Heat recovery vessel: countercurrent heat exchange between the refrigerant from the evaporator and evaporator, along with the liquid entering the heater in the coil. Steam is sucked into the compressor as low pressure steam and compressed to high temperature and high pressure by the compressor. Oil dust is separated from the refrigerant vapor by an oil separator. The steam returns to the condenser, which then heats up and releases the heat into the water, thereby reducing the temperature and pressure and condensing to a liquid form.
  • The liquid refrigerant passes through the heat recovery device to reduce the refrigerant heat and the refrigerant vapor heat after passing through the ice pellet evaporator. Place the liquid in a high-pressure container. Refrigerant flows through the throttling system reducing the pressure to the evaporator pressure. The refrigerant on the evaporator receives the heat of the ice and evaporates.
Easy-to-understand operation model of the ice machine
Easy-to-understand operation model of the ice machine

Some points to note while operating the ice machine

Need detailed instructions for the operator how to use the ice machine, the issues to pay attention to are as follows:

– Running time of each batch of ice? The terminal line repeats. Is the voltage stable? Are pressure relays and thermal relays stable or not?

– What is the compressor oil and return oil level? Check the oil storage system through the glass mounted on the top of the compressor.

– Check overall issues such as: amount of ice and cooling water. Check the ice pump and coolant pump. The knife part cuts stone when making ice. Check high and low pressure gauges or motor rotation direction. Or maintenance mode information.

Easy-to-understand operation model of the ice machine
Easy-to-understand operation model of the ice machine

Factors affecting the product of ice cubes

How the ice machine works and its productivity depends on many factors, such as:

Ambient temperature will be one of the factors that directly affect the production of ice cubes. Besides, it is necessary to consider the cooling water temperature or the ice temperature. Check the electrical system to make the finished product exactly as you want.

The electrodynamics of the machine need to check factors such as:

  • Measure voltage and contact on screw surface
  • Measure rated current at the beginning and end of the ice cycle
  • Limiting overloads and mounting locations of components
  • Measure insulation of compressors, motors and other equipment

Electrical control: Check if there is a conflict or the control is correct. Check the sensitivity of the screw surface and electrical contacts. Check that the control relay and solenoid valve are running.

Actual form of ice cube machine
Actual form of ice cube machine

In short, with only simple operating methods, the ice machine has brought you a product of great economic value.

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