What is the production scale of an ice cube factory?

The size of the factory is definitely what you will be most concerned about before investing in an ice factory. The scale you need to refer to is not only the factory scale but also the market size. The narrow breadth of the business market will also be analyzed in detail by us. So let’s take a look at the scale of an ice cube factory ICECOOL

Current market size of the finished product from the ice factory

The scale of market demand is the first step you need to do regardless of whether you are building a business plan in any field. The output market of the product is considered the output of the product that you are about to invest. If the market does not have a demand for this item, then of course the products produced will not be consumed. Thus, when surveying the market size of the ice cube factory.

You need to learn about the geographical factor. For example, in the area where I intend to open a workshop, how many units have demand for ice consumption. Or you can scale up the market survey.

For densely populated areas; factories; processing workshops; frozen warehouses; Businesses operating in the field of frozen goods are also the places you need to survey. Because this is where there is a high demand for ice and is our future customer. This will be the ideal place for you to open a factory and choose a site.

To understand the market better, you should also find out if there are any competitors in this area? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these establishments? If you analyze it carefully, you can find a way to turn your opponent’s weaknesses into your strengths.

Ice machine control panel
Ice machine control panel

Determining the scale of investment items in an ice cube factory

When starting to plan to open an ice cube factory , there are many things you need to do. Considering the scale of ice production is also something you need to prepare. As follows:

– You must have a plan to find and test the water source in the workshop area. This is to ensure that the input water and the finished ice product meet the quality standards issued by the authorities. 

– Pay attention to the construction of water towers for ice machines and water supply pipes for ice machines.

– How to plan to prepare the electrical system in accordance with the ice machine and equipment system? What is the investment cost of these systems.

– Next, you need to develop a plan to choose the right ice making technology for the scale you want.

– Make a brand for the output product for the product. Choose the business size and market size for your unit. You can also plan to promote your ice factory to capture certain market.

– How will the preparation of vehicles to transport products to partners take place? You will invest in the means of transport yourself, or you will hire a third party to cooperate. From there, you will have a plan that is right for you.

– Recruiting and training qualified and experienced personnel for efficient operation of the factory.

Things you need to know to scale up your ice cube factory
Things you need to know to scale up your ice cube factory

Current standard size of ice cube factory

In our opinion, opening an ice factory is a very profitable business opportunity both in terms of profit and factory model. This is a fruitful business opportunity that you should not miss. To choose an ice cube factory, you need to choose whether your factory has a high or low capacity.

The scale and volume of ice produced in this market can produce large or small amounts of ice. Is it possible, enough to supply the market demand or not. Each machine makes an average of 1 ton to 30 tons a day – this is the model we can recommend to you.

Quotation for ice machine ICE COOL

ICE COOL ice machine is designed according to industry standards with reasonable price, ICE COOL Vietnam brings you a completely new solution, saving time. 

The ICE COOL ice machine is completely worth your investment and use for a long time, bringing the best efficiency.

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Ice machine ICE COOL Vietnam is always ready to advise and support on how to choose the right ice machine capacity, design a pure ice factory and provide production technology transfer to customers. row.

For detailed advice, please contact Hotline (Zalo): 0935.345.808  or call center: 094.110.8888 for support.

Thank you for trusting and installing ICE COOL ice machine !

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