How much does ice machine cost?

How much does ice machine cost cube maker is currently a question that many business units of restaurants, hotels, beverage shops, etc. are interested in. This device offers practical benefits that help you save and optimize every stage of production. So with what an ice machine can bring, is it really worth the price?

How much does ice machine cost?

 Widely used ice cube machine

Widely used ice cube machine

Currently on the market there are many types of ice machines with the presence of many domestic and foreign brands. Usually, imported machines from Germany or Thailand will have a much higher price than machines manufactured in Vietnam market. However, not this expensive type will be good and suitable for your business.

How much is the ice machine for domestically produced goods?

The price of ice machines in Vietnam is relatively cheap, from just over 200 million, you can own a product with a capacity of 1 ton. The larger the capacity, the higher the price segment, specifically, the 30-ton industrial ice machine has a price of more than 1.6 billion VND.

Thus, high-quality Vietnamese products are only ⅓ price compared to German machines and ½ compared to Thai machines. You can completely trust the quality of ice cube machines from Vietnamese brands. All products are applied high technology with many safety tests for health.

The difference between domestic and imported ice cube machine

Before the market has a variety of models with different price segments, businesses need to be very alert to choose the most suitable device for themselves. According to experts, imported ice machines have a higher price, partly because of the brand value. However, these machines are also equipped with modern machinery engines and high-quality components to ensure durability.

Therefore, the biggest difference between domestic and imported ice machines comes mainly from the price segment as well as the suitability for the production environment in Vietnam. Brands made in Vietnam are all developed by experts in the field and inherit the most advanced technologies, so they are more affordable and suitable for the finances of most businesses.

Advantages of ice cube machine

Ice machine is one of the equipment that is widely applied in daily production and business activities of many beverage and beverage shops, hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, etc.

Purity Guaranteed

The ice making process is closed, so there is no entry of dirt and bacteria. The water supplied to the machine is pure because it is treated through a filter. The machine is completely constructed of 304 stainless steel to prevent rust to ensure safety for food hygiene issues as well as for the health of customers.

The ice maker always ensures the ice is pure

The ice maker always ensures the ice is pure
The ice maker always ensures the ice is pure

High productivity

The performance of completing products is diverse and fast. Customers can choose from mini to industrial machines with a capacity of 1 to 30 tons. Simple operation anyone can do with just one button the machine will automatically operate and cut the rock.

Cost savings

Maximum power saving thanks to intelligent integrated systems controlled by German PLC programming system. In addition, the machine also has a storage compartment so we can leave the previous day’s leftover ice for the next day without fear of waste.

So with the above advantages, the ice machine has indeed brought a lot of profit value to businesses.

How much does an ice machine cost to buy good quality?

One of the leading brands in Vietnam specializing in providing high-quality ice machines is ICE COOL. Our products are developed and improved by leading experts to best suit the operating conditions in Vietnam. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the quality when buying an ice machine at ICE COOL brand.

How much is the ice machine and is it expensive to install?
How much is the ice machine and is it expensive to install?

Currently, we have 8 product lines of ice machines available with different capacities from 1 ton to 30 tons, suitable for both small and medium enterprises to industrial zones. Only with the price from 230 million for equipment with a capacity of 1 ton and about more than 1.5 billion for a machine with a capacity of 30 tons at ICE COOL.

Moreover, at ICE COOL you will enjoy many special preferential policies on transportation and installation. In addition, the brand hereby commits that all products are guaranteed 100% within 12 months.

Contact ICE COOL today via hotline 094.110.8888 for the earliest advice on how much an ice machine costs.

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