05 causes of high pressure error warnings and solutions for ice machines

05 causes of high-pressure error warning ice machines and handling solutions are information that ICE COOL will share for customers to have more knowledge to quickly identify the cause and deal with it. Solve the problem quickly. Make sure your ice machine works stably and brings the highest economic efficiency.

05 causes of high pressure error warnings and solutions for ice machines
05 causes of high pressure error warnings and solutions for ice machines

Learn more about how high pressure affects an ice maker?

05 causes of high pressure error warning ice machine as follows:

Lack of cooling water at the cooling tower

The cooling tower is one of the important equipment in the cooling system of the ICE COOL ice machine. Water supplied to the cooling tower from the ice machine is usually supplied automatically through a float valve device and with a stop valve.

Cooling towers are mostly installed in a separate area that can be outdoors or on the roof, far from the location of the ice machine and where the operator is often present. During the use of the ice machine, a high pressure error warning will be issued when the high pressure reaches the set value.

There are 3 causes that lead to lack of water or loss of cooling water at the cooling tower such as:

  • The water storage tank to provide cooling water for the ice machine ran out but could not be supplied in time. It is possible that the water pump to the tank is damaged or the water pump relay does not work, or it may be because the water supply to the tank is interrupted.
  • The water supply valve to the ice maker cooling tower is closed but is used to opening before operating the ice machine again.
  • The set of automatic water supply float valves for the cooling tower of the ice machine is broken, the valve must not be opened to allow additional water to enter during the operation of the ice machine, so the ice machine warns of a high pressure error when the pressure is high. high reaches the set value.

Cooling tower water pump is not able to pump water

The water in the cooling tower moves around in the system to help cool the condenser. In some cases, the water pump is faulty, the water is not pumped and the ice machine warns of a high pressure error.

The most noticeable thing is that the water pump is still running but the water is not being pumped to the cooling tower. For the ICE COOL ice machine, the PLC control system has protected against phase reverse, phase loss, overload or damage to the water pump motor, so just run the cooling water pump mode, the pump will still work and observe. into the cooling tower, if there is no water pumped inside, the cause of the ice machine warning of high pressure error due to the water pump is faulty.

To fix the problem of the cooling tower water pump being e, just open the copper bolt on the pump head to let the air out and run the water pump again. In addition, if the above method has been treated but the water pump still cannot pump water, remove the pump and take it to a water pump repair facility for inspection and treatment.

The cooling space is sealed

In the process of using the ice machine, production facilities sometimes want the equipment to be carefully shielded to prevent rain and wind from affecting the cooling tower equipment such as the corrugated iron roof on the top of the cooling tower, but too close or the space around the cooling tower is blocked.

The air is sucked into the cooling tower and multiplies the heat from the water outlet of the tank, but if it is not released and continues to return to the cooling tower, the air temperature around the cooling tower will increase. . The high temperature will make the cooling process worse, the high pressure will increase, and the ice machine will warn of a high pressure error.

High voltage protection device

High pressure protection device is a set of relays used to set the protective pressure to help the ice machine warn of high pressure failure when the parameters exceed the protection parameters. However, after a long time of using this device, it does not work properly or there is an external impact on the setting indicators.

To evaluate whether the high-voltage protective device performs the task correctly with the setting parameters or not and still has a protective effect. Please refer to additional information from the high pressure data display below.

Condenser is dirty after long time using

The condenser is a device with the main structure consisting of 3 parts:

  • The condenser shell is usually made of iron with flanges at both ends and 2 cool water pipes to cool down below and hot water out at the top.
  • The hot gas pipe enters at the top and the cool liquid gas pipe condenses out below to enter the tank.
  • The internal heat exchanger copper tube is the main device that performs the function of exchanging heat between hot gas and cold water

During use, cold water is pumped into the condenser through the cooling water pump to perform heat exchange with the hot gas stream. However, the coolant always contains heavy impurities with adhesion, so in the process of using the inner surface of the copper pipe gradually forms a dirty layer.

Dirty coating adheres to the cooling copper pipe wall, preventing and reducing the efficiency of heat exchange. The thicker the dirt layer, the lower the heat transfer coefficient. This is the cause of gradually increasing the high pressure, the gas is not cooled to the required parameters, leading to the high pressure error warning of the ice machine.

During use and maintenance, the ice machine sometimes warns of a high pressure error caused by condenser maintenance but improper installation. Changing the flow of water in the condenser causes the amount of water to move not according to the design of the condenser.

Flanges are normal but are often divided into drills so that the cold water entering the condenser is moved through many passes, increasing the heat exchange time and helping the cooling process to condensate better.

Solution to handle when the ice machine warns of high pressure error

Pure clean tube ice machine is an industrial refrigeration equipment that needs to be checked and maintained periodically to ensure the safety and durability of the equipment. When the ice machine warns of high pressure error without properly handling the cause, it will cause great risks to the ice factory.

In addition to the information about the symptoms, how to determine the cause and troubleshooting instructions for the high pressure error warning ice machine above. You can handle it yourself or contact the ice maker ICE COOL for better support with cost-effective processing services.

When dealing with the problem of the high pressure error warning ice machine, you should note that you need to press the reset button on the protector before restarting the pure ice machine.

Layout of the factory for producing 8 tons of ice cubes
Layout of the factory for producing 8 tons of ice cubes

ICE COOL provides fast and accurate consulting and maintenance services to make it easy for customers to ensure the best working condition of their pure ice machine without having to worry about expertise.

Please contact ICE COOL ice machine immediately at hotline 094.110.8888 for advice and quick support.

In the control system of the ICE COOL ice machine, there is a built-in processing guide and error check message on the touch screen. You can find out more directly at my ICE COOL ice machine. Hopefully, this sharing article from ICE COOL will help customers be more successful in investing and operating their own ice factory.

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Thank you for your interest in the article about the ice machine factory, hope that the information shared about the ice machine ICE COOL will help you more in learning and investing in the current ice factory. . Any need for advice, please contact the ice maker  ICE COOL immediately according to the information above.

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