Efficient operating cost of industrial ice cube factory

Cost is always the issue that investors are most concerned about when investing in production. In addition to the initial investment costs, investors also have to pay operating costs, which are costs that must be spent throughout to maintain business operations. So with the investment in building an industrial ice cube factory, after the initial investment cost, how much does it cost to operate the ice machine you need? To have good preparation steps and work effectively, let’s learn some information about industrial ice production in this article!

The cost of pure water treatment ensures the input for the production machine:

This is an important factor and determines your product to ensure food hygiene and safety. If you can choose to have clean water that meets the direct drinking standards of the Ministry of Health, your finished product will have quality assurance, from which you will save additional operating costs when producing products. like :

The cost of water purification, the cost of sterilization for ice cubes if the input water is not clean and pure. Therefore, consideration for the input water factor is extremely necessary.

There are a number of costs that appear during the operation of an industrial ice factory 

If you have chosen a machine that is suitable for an industrial and quality  ice cube factory, you will save a lot of costs in the specific production process such as: 

Maintenance and repair costs: If your ice machine is suitable for your needs, it can operate at optimal capacity and produce quality products in the time that your market needs. will be operated with a regular rhythm, the possibility of causing machine wear and tear is also minimized.

At the same time, in the process of using the machine, you also need to install the machine in a cool, suitable place, avoiding direct sunlight to easily cause damage. 

Thus, the machine with good quality and reasonable maintenance will only cost you periodic maintenance costs, but will not incur additional repair or replacement costs during the production process. If you do not choose a quality machine from the beginning but need to save investment costs, this cost must be added to the operating cost.

Finished product packaging cost: After your pure ice cubes are released into the oven, you need to prepare packaging for hygienic and aesthetic packaging to make your products more valuable. . In this step you will need to use the cost of packaging and printing costs.

The packaging of the product also determines the factor that determines the price of the product
The packaging of the product also determines the factor that determines the price of the product

How much is reasonable and efficient to use the operating cost of a stone factory?

To calculate the profit as well as the selling price of a bag of ice cubes manufactured by you, you need to know the formula:

1 bag of ice = Electricity, water + gas + labor + packing cost + incidental cost 


  • Electricity, water, gas, packaging are costs you are forced to pay at an ice factory .
  • Labor is the cost you can save if you choose good, modern machines and save manpower to operate the machine.
  • Other costs incurred : may be repair costs , maintenance costs , replacement costs … due to worn out or damaged machinery during use . This cost you can also save if you choose a place to buy a reputable and reliable machine that can fully support the machine warranty in the first time. And a good machine, stable capacity in accordance with the needs of use, will save the cost of repair and wear and tear. 
Choosing an ice machine is extremely important for a production plant
Choosing an ice machine is extremely important for a production plant

The effective operating cost of an industrial ice cube factory often depends on many factors.

However, from the above analysis, we can see that the important factor affecting operating costs is choosing a really suitable and quality ice machine. Ice machines will help a lot for industrial ice factories: from product quality to production operating costs.

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