Preserving seeds by means of cold storage

Cold storage to preserve seeds is one of the products that receive a lot of attention today. This is a product with a refrigeration function used to preserve seeds to ensure an active germination rate in providing seed sources for the next crop. However, the fact that this cold storage cold storage brings what advantages, what role it plays for users is also what makes many people interested. Let’s learn more about cold storage to preserve seeds through the article below.

What is seed storage cold storage?

Seed storage cold storage is actually a large refrigerator used to preserve and store seeds for businesses and households. Using cold storage is also an advanced preservation method widely used in developed countries around the world and is currently being used a lot in Vietnam.

Cold storage to preserve seeds
Cold storage to preserve seeds

Cold storage of seeds will help maintain the germination of seeds, keep the best quality for production and sowing for the following seasons. Using cold storage to preserve seeds has shown increased efficiency and productivity.

Why use cold storage to preserve seeds?

Today, using cold storage to store and preserve plant seeds has become popular and plays an important role. Scientists have shown that the germination rate of seeds is highly dependent on how they are stored. If not stored in the right temperature conditions, in accordance with the requirements, the quality of seeds can be greatly affected.

After 12 months, the germination rate of seeds will reach 95.6% if stored in an environment of 12 degrees Celsius. However, if stored in a closed container in a normal warehouse, this rate will be reduced because after 6 months, it will only reach 89.5% from December onwards will only reach 50% causing a lot of damage to the business.

Cold storage for seeds, 1 jar of each type
Cold storage for seeds, 1 jar of each type

Therefore, using cold storage to preserve seeds is the best preservation method. Because seeds are stored in the right temperature environment, they will keep the best quality and germination. You should also customize the temperature of the cold storage to suit each type of seed to bring the highest efficiency when it reaches the user.

Notes on storing seeds in cold storage

To be able to use cold storage to preserve seeds properly, effectively and with quality, you need to pay attention to a number of related issues. Because any cold storage store needs to be used correctly and adjusted to the most appropriate temperature. Specifically:

First, the cold storage must be completely sealed right from the small details to avoid cold air contact with the outside environment, the seeds must be stored in a well-ventilated place, so the storage tools are specialized containers, hydroponic jars, etc. and placed in 0 degrees Celsius with low humidity if kept in the medium term, in the long term, it should be kept at -10 degrees Celsius with low humidity.

However, each different type of seed will have its own regulations and ways of preservation, so please find out carefully before storing, not to combine all types together because this will damage the seeds. You can consult this information by contacting the seed supplier for instructions or reading the instructions carefully before use to be able to understand the appropriate temperature for each type of seed.

Prestigious seed storage cold storage installation unit

If you are looking for a unit that provides installation services, construction of cold storage to preserve quality seeds, come to ICE COOL cold storage company immediately. Cold storage ICE COOL is a unit with many years of experience in the field of construction, design, construction, installation and maintenance of cold storage.

More and more cold storage for flowers is installed
More and more cold storage for flowers is installed

The company owns a team of highly qualified technical staff, professional working attitude, enthusiastic and committed to bringing satisfaction to customers. All customer questions about this product are answered enthusiastically and in detail. You will also be advised on the type of cold storage that is most suitable for finance, ensuring quality throughout the application process to the actual seed preservation of the production units.

ICE COOL seed storage cold storage equipped with air-conditioners imported from abroad will meet all your production needs, with smart, luxurious design and easy installation, convenient for moving, flexibility in all cases. In addition, the product also has an energy-saving feature to help reduce electricity costs for businesses. Please contact hotline +84 94 110 8888  for more information.

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