Supplying 5 ton ice machine to Dai Loc Quang Nam

In early November, ICE COOL Vietnam set out to install and supply a 5-ton ice machine to the famous land of delicious rice paper, the land of Quang Nam – Dai Loc.

Pure ice machine with a capacity of 5 tons / 1 day is always interested and selected by many customers, this is also the best- selling ice machine that ICE COOL produces.

Supplying 5 ton ice machine to Dai Loc Quang Nam
Supplying 5 ton ice machine to Dai Loc Quang Nam

Transporting the ice machine to Dai Loc

In the mid-November days of mid-November, the Central region seems to have entered winter, the wind rustling and chilly, the road moves from Da Nang to the location of Mr. Nhut’s ice machine installation in Dai Hong commune, Dai district. Loc (Quang Nam) seems further away than usual.

Following in the footsteps of the crane truck carrying the pure ice machine system running along the National Highway 14B, through each fragrant green rice field, running through the winding hills to reach the installation site, the crane truck carried the goods. With a large load, the ICE COOL clean ice machine is securely and carefully bound, making the driver feel more secure, comfortable time for the on-time handover, installation and supply of the ice machine tons to guests.

Transport truck carrying pure ice machine ICE COOL
Transport truck carrying pure ice machine ICE COOL

Anh Nhut, the owner of the pure ice factory is a son born and raised in Quang Nam, after many years of business, now he wants to go through the production industry, and the production industry will bring profit. After getting advice from many acquaintances and friends, he decided to invest in an ice machine .

Thanks to the recommendation and sharing from many friends, consulting information online, Mr. Nhut chose the brand of pure ice machine ICE COOL as the supplier of the 5-ton ice machine for himself. along with equipment such as cold storage to preserve ice, water purification equipment to produce finished ice products of the highest standards.

Nhut confided that the land of Dai Loc where he lives is pure, white, fragrant water all year round, water from long-standing underground aquifers, which many people use as the main source of domestic water used for food. Drink every day, can be used in ice production as well, but he always wants his stones to be of the best quality.

The ICE COOL ice maker has many of the best technologies he has invested in, and a water filter is also a necessity for his ice production line.

The process of supplying 5 ton ice cube machines to customers

After the production of pure ice machine is completed, the technical department of ICE COOL will proceed to bring it to the customer’s factory for installation.


Supplying 5 ton ice machine to Dai Loc - Quang Nam
Supplying 5 ton ice machine to Dai Loc – Quang Nam

The crane truck will bring down each device in the ice machine system: the equipment of the ice machine includes: cooling tower, ice machine, ice bucket…into the right installation position.

Before choosing this location, the consultant of ICE COOL will be based on the actual conditions (the area of ​​the machine, the main water supply pipe, the electrical supply cabinet, etc.) to draw up detailed drawings and advise. to customers.

Install the cold water tank and put the ice bucket in place.

Install the water filter. Before installation, clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Install the water pipe:

With suppliers of pure 5 ton ice machine, after installing the machine in the right position, it will proceed to install the water pipe for the machine, the installation of the water pipe will include the following stages:

  • Install the water pipe from the cold water tank to the ice water supply pump, through the water tank on the stone mortar.
  • Install the pipe from the main water supply line to the cooling tower, to the cooling water pump, through the condenser and back to the cooling tower.
  • Take the main water supply line for the water filter, take the pipe from the filter to the cold water tank.

Power supply

After the power is supplied, the machine will be vacuumed, charged with gas and started to operate, going into production

Videos Supplying 5 ton ice machine to Dai Loc Quang Nam

ICE COOL Vietnam is a unit specializing in consulting and installing the leading industrial ice maker today. We provide the entire equipment, technology of industrial ice production line and hand-over and operation instructions for business owners. With many years of experience in the field of industrial stone business and installation of pure stone production systems – production lines with many different capacities and sizes.

Not only providing 5 ton ice machines or higher capacity ice machines, coffee ice machines… ICE COOL also supports consulting and taking customers to visit ice factories and learn. experience in producing pure ice, supporting the transportation and installation process, ICE COOL also guides the most effective system operation. ICE COOL pure ice machine always ensures the most preeminent features. At the same time bring the highest performance to the ice business establishments.

All needs for consultation, investment, installation and visit to a quality and efficient industrial ice factory.

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