Pure ice cube production line

In the pure ice cubes production line, the source of water used to produce clean ice must be pure water, ensuring safe hygiene quality.

The main equipment of pure ice machine includes:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser (heat exchanger and heat discharge to water with additional cooling water pump system and cooling tower)
  • Throttle system
  • And the evaporator…
The picture of the ice machine for your reference
The picture of the ice machine for your reference

Auxiliary equipment in pure ice production line:

  • Oil separator works on the principle of changing the direction and speed of the refrigerant flow, based on the density of the medium and oil dust.
  • High-pressure container: To store high-pressure liquid medium. The task is to release the heat exchanger surface of the condenser and provide an adequate amount of refrigerant to the throttling system.
  • Liquid separator.
  • Heat recovery vessel: Exchange heat upstream between the refrigerant from the evaporator entering the heat recovery vessel and the liquid in the coil.

Working principle of pure ice machine

Steam is sucked to the compressor in the form of low pressure steam, which is compressed by the compressor to high temperature and high pressure! Through the oil separator to separate the oil dust from the refrigerant vapor! The steam returns to the condenser and then heats up and releases the heat to the water to lower the temperature and pressure and condense to a liquid form! The liquid refrigerant is passed through the heat recovery device and reduces the refrigerant heat and the heat of the refrigerant vapor after passing through the evaporator!

The liquid is fed into the high pressure tank! The refrigerant flow through the throttle system reduces the pressure to the evaporator pressure! The refrigerant on the evaporator receives the heat of the ice and evaporates!

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