Troubleshooting the ice machine not working

Troubleshooting ice machine maybe it’s not working and how to solve ice machine electrical problems.

Solve the problem of ice machine not working electrically

Question: My family’s ice machine with a capacity of 3 tons/h suddenly doesn’t run, turns on the switch, the light doesn’t come on, the pump compressor doesn’t work either. So is there a problem with the ice machine? And how to solve it?
Answer: In case the light does not light, the pump compressor does not work due to an electrical problem

Troubleshooting the ice machine
Troubleshooting the ice machine

You need to check the following elements:

Solve the problem of the ice machine not working

  • Check the power supply for phase loss.
  • Current voltage level.
  • Check the fuse (aptomat) inside the cabinet.


Need to ensure electricity and water supply for the machine. Magnetic starting contacts, timer operation, relay operation, short or short circuit.

It is possible that during the installation process, the technician also made mistakes or because the power level you are using is not suitable for the output of the ice making system. This will affect the quality of ice, the function as well as the life of the ice machine.

After finding and solving, check again to see if there are any errors and then let the machine work again.
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