Supply and installation of pure ice machine 5 Tons to Que Son – Quang Nam

In the last days of 2020, ICE COOL has accelerated the production schedule, completed ahead of schedule the installation of 5 tons pure ice machine in Quang Nam , and supplied to Huong An (Que Son, Quang Nam).

​On January 1, 2021, a pure ice cube factory with a capacity of 5 Tons/24 hours was opened in Que Son, Quang Nam, this is the most quality and best ice machine that ICE COOL has. are in production.

Installation of 5 tons pure ice machine in Quang Nam
Installation of 5 tons pure ice machine in Quang Nam

Currently, the demand for tube ice machine is increasing strongly because of the habits of Vietnamese people as well as the influence of hot and humid climate with lots of rain. In addition, with the advantage of low cost and convenience, stone becomes a widely used product.

Understanding these advantages, Anh Buoi has invested in a pure ice machine of 5 tons and ICE COOL is the leading brand of ice maker that he trusts the most.

Ice machine in Que Son
Ice machine in Que Son

ICE COOL  with the criterion of ” customer interests first ” is committed to ensuring the quality and durability of the equipment as well as the output products.

Coming to ICE COOL, you will be advised to choose  the  most effective industrial ice machine .

At the same time, ICE COOL’s system does not require skilled workers, so you save an additional amount of money on labor. We are sure to help you with your ice cube business. You just need to ” Give Trust ” to ” Get Prestige “.

With many years of experience in the field of industrial stone business and installation of pure stone production systems – production lines with many different capacities and sizes.

Not only consulting and supporting installation, ICE COOL also guides the most effective system operation. ICE COOL pure ice machine always ensures the most preeminent features.

At the same time bring the highest performance to the ice business establishments.

Ice machine ICECOOL in Que Son
Ice machine ICECOOL in Que Son

All needs for consultation, investment, installation and visit to a quality and efficient industrial ice factory .

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