Distinguishing pure tube ice from dirty tube ice

Recently, the press talks a lot about producing tube ice that doesn’t guaranteehygiene and safety. Be smart consumers by choosinghigh-quality and pure ice for your family.

Water quality to make tube ice must meet 40 criteria for heavy metals and finished tube ice must meet 22 criteria, including 6 microbiological criteria to be granted the quality certificate by Department of Health. However, according to Dr. Han Tu Do, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hanoi Health Department, the ice quality is still different at the facilities which are granted the quality certificate because it can reach the minimum threshold, maximum threshold or even international standards. Thus, at the handmade facilities, the ice quality cannot be ensured.

Advising & providing pure tube ice machine from 1 ton to 30 tons

– Normal tube ice isn’t as clear as pure tube ice–Themelting time of Pure tube ice is 4-5 times longer than that of handmade tube ice.

– After melting, normal tube ice leaves turbid anddregs. However, when putting Pure tube ice into a glass of water, it is still crystal clear and the glass is also transparent. After melting, the water is clear like mineral water.

-Pure tube ice is packaged in bags withmanufacturing address, patent registration, information on the facilities on the bags. Ice is packed in clean plastic bags, weighing 5 – 5.5 kg, be covered completely.

You shouldprotect your health by using pure tube ice of the facilitiesgranted high-qualityand monitored closely.

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