Tube Ice Machine 1 Ton


NhatPhu Thai Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing pure Tube Ice Machine with the leadingquality in Vietnam. We are honored to introduce pure Tube Ice Machine 1 Tons

Product Description

Tube Ice Machine  1 Ton

Production process: In the process of producing standard pure ice, water is taken from the depth of 90m.Well water or groundwater is processed through the reverse osmosis system, and bacteriaare killed by ultraviolet rays. Parts of the pure tube ice machine such as: icemold, ice cutter, water-supply tank, cold mortarand ice bucket are all made of stainless steel to be protected from being rusted by time. Ice production cycle is fully closed and automated without the direct contact with human handstocompletely ensurethe food safety of the pure tube ice.

Tube Ice Machine – 1 Ton

Standard requirements:

Water quality to make tube ice must meet 40 criteria for heavy metals and finished tubeice must meet 22 criteria, including 6 microbiological criteria to begranted the quality certificate by Department of Health. However, according to Dr. Han Tu Do, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hanoi Health Department, the ice quality is still different atthe facilities which are granted thequality certificate because it can reach the minimum threshold, maximum threshold or even international standards. Thus, at the handmade facilities, the ice quality cannot be ensured.Therefore, how to distinguish between handmadetube ice and pure tube ice?

Research at Quality inspection Department shows that: We can distinguish pure tube ice from handmade ice if wepay a little attention to the following characteristics:
– After melting, normal tube ice leaves turbid anddregs. However, when putting Pure tube ice into a glass of water, it is still crystal clear and the glass is also transparent. After melting, the water is clear like mineral water.

– The melting time of Pure tube ice is 4-5 times longerthan that of handmade tube ice. Pure tube ice machine.

The genres of puretube ice machine have the capacity from 1 ton/ 24 hours to 40 tons/ 24 hours or maybe higher. These products can be used in everyday life or cooling systems or the most commonly in restaurants, fast food shops, supermarkets, health centers, schools, clubs/ bars …

The pure tube ice machineis very environmental-friendlybecause of the use of cold gas Freeonor Ammonia. All parts of the machine that contact with water are made of stainless steel (inox). The salient features of pure ice machine

Capacity: From 1,000kgs/ 24hrs to 40,000kgs/ 24hrs or higher

Simple technical design.

Compact dimensions and aesthetics.

Do not require skilled workers to operate the machine.

High durability. Low maintenance costs.

Energy saving.

Easy-to-find spare parts.

No noise.

Parts of pure ice machine:

Stainless steel ice mold (inox304)

Water dividing kitis made of elastic, creating a gasket

The strong connection between the ice molds and the water dividing kit

Refrigerant: R22/R404A/Ammonia

IceCutter: Made of stainless steel, controlled by a gearbox motor that is designed especially for the production of tube ice or crushing ice into small pieces by reversing the motor and using the circuit switch to do this function.

Ice-cut motor: Designed to cut ice under the standard size

Water pump: Centrifugal pump is made of cast iron, large enough to circulate the water that would be frozen repeatedly and create ice films with transparent crystal.

Ice bucket is made of stainless steel (Inox 304) to ensure hygiene.

Gas supply valve and ice vent valve are imported from Denmark or Japan with stable operation and long life.

Water cooling condenseris imported from USA/ JAPAN.

USA / JAPAN compressor operates stably with high reliability, smooth running without causing a lot of noise.

Electric Panel: Accessing the system,electric panel automatically performs the freezing and thawingprocess precisely and reliably from year to year.

Ice Size:

– Large ice: 47 x 80 mm. Used with beers, soft drinks…

– Average large ice: 38 x 40 mm. Used with ice tea, wine…

– Average small ice: 34 x 40 m. Used with ice tea, wine…

– Small ice: 19 x 20 mm. Used for coffee, fruit juice and mixture water…


NO. MODEL Ice size Capacity
Weight (Net)
Dimension (mm) Power Compressor
1 MDVD-1TB 47x 80 1000
900-1200 1000x1400x2500 380/3/50 10
3 MDVD-1TT 34 x 40
4 MDVD-1TC 19x 20


No. Items Quantity Status Origin
1 Compressor  10Hp, electric motor 01 pcs New 98% JAPAN – USA
2 Water cooling condenser15Hp 01 pcs New100% JAPAN
3 Cooling tower pump  1Hp 01 pcs New100% TAIWAN
4 Cold water pump  0.5HP 01 pcs New100% TAIWAN
5 Cutter reducer motor 0.5HP 01 pcs New100% JAPAN
6 Ice tube1T/24hrs (Inox 304) 01 set Inox 100% VIETNAM
7 Output screwinox304 01 set Inox 100% VIETNAM
8 Screw motor 1HP 01 pcs New100% JAPAN
9 Cooling tower 10RT 01 set New100% TAIWAN
10 Gas tank, body:12mm, 2 heads:14mm 01 set New100% VIETNAM
11 Electric cabinet + Component 01 set New100% JAPAN
12 Steel frameI80 01 set New100% VIETNAM
13 Bucket set (Inox 304) 01 set New100% VIETNAM
14 High, low and oil pressure relays 03 pcs New100% TAIWAN
15 Gas supply valveDanfoss/BSK 02 pcs New100% DENMARK/JAPAN
16 Gas R22 – 50Kg In machine New100% INDIA
17 Oil Shell 46 In machine New100% KOREA
18 High, low and oil gauge 03 pcs New100% TAIWAN
19 Hot vent valve (ice) Danfoss/BSK 03 pcs New100% DENMARK/JAPAN
20 Oil dealing kit (oil filter) 01 set New100% TAIWAN
21 Water cleaning kit (dividing water) 01 set New100% VIETNAM
22 Ice cutter set:inox 01 set New100% VIETNAM
23 Gas filter 01 set New100% TAIWAN
24 Stop valve 8 pcs New100% TAIWAN
25 Expansion valve 1 pcs New100% TAIWAN
26 Check valve 1 pcs New100% TAIWAN
27 Safety valve 1 pcs New100% TAIWAN
28 Water tank 1 pcs New100% VIETNAM
29 Liquid separator 1 pcs New100% VIETNAM
30 Gas buoy 01 pcs New100% KOREA
31 Cost for the complete installation VIETNAM


  • Contacter  22A + relay
01 set Japan
  • Contacter7A + relay
05 set Japan
  • Time Relay
06 set Taiwan
  • Fuse3A
03 set Taiwan
  • CB 30A
01 set Japan
  • Relay
05 set Japan
  • Wire, button, signal light, coss head….
Set Taiwan-
  • Delivery : 30 days
  • Warranty : 24 months.

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