Flake ice machine 2 Tons


NhatPhu Thai Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing flake ice machine with the leadingquality in Vietnam. We are honored to introduce Flake ice machine 2 Tons

Product Description

Air cooling flake ice machine 2 tons/24h

Nhat Phu Thai – specializing in giving advice and designing the leading-quality Flake ice machine production line in Vietnam. To get information on investment method, usage, payback, please contact Flake ice machine for free consultation at (+84)938.667.505 .

1. Production process.

B1: We start processing from a piece of steel plate.

Production process flake ice machine

Production process flake ice machine-01

B2: Stainless steel parts (above and bottom base of flake ice evaporator)

Production process flake ice machine-02

Production process flake ice machine-04
B3: Processing of big capacity flake ice evaporator & Processing of small capacity model flake ice evaporator

Production process flake ice machine-06Production process flake ice machine-08

B4:Pickling (washing) processing

Production process flake ice machine-010

B5: Welding  flake ice evaporator

Production process flake ice machine-11

B6: Small capacity model flake ice evaporator ready for delivery

Production process flake ice machine-12

NPT-LR-20T Flake ice machine tech data

NPT-LR-2T Flake ice machine parts list

NPT-LR-2T Flake ice machine tech data

Name Parts supplier Name Technical Data
Compressor Copeland Ice production 2000kg/24h
Evaporator(Drum) Shenzhen Lier Cooling capacity 12kw
Condenser GreenHalgh Evaporating Temp. -22℃
Expansion Valve Alco Condensing Temp. 40℃
Filter Alco Ambient Temp. 25℃
High&low pressure controller LeiLi Inlet water Temp. 18℃
Reducer Gongji Total Power 8.6kw
Circulation water pump Honking Compressor Power 10HP
Brine Pump RDOSE Reducer Power 0.37KW
Infra-red Ray RIKO Water Pump power 0.12KW
Water level protector switch FAST Condensing fan Power 0.18KW
Float valve Keyu Braine Pump Power 0.016KW
PLC Controller LG Power supply 3P-380V-50Hz
Contactor LG Inlet Water pressure 0.1Mpa-0.5Mpa
Thermal relay LG Refrigerant R404A or R22
Phrase protector SongLing Ice Temp. -5℃
Air switch CHINT Feeding tube 1/2″
Ice storage Shenzhen Lier Net weight 425kg
Ice scoop Shenzhen Lier Dimension 1500mm*1095mm*1050mm
Salt water Drum Shenzhen Lier  Ice storage bin

Price Flake ice machine: Contact us

Video Flake ice machine

You should be consulted before buying Flake ice machine to meet your needs. NhatPhu Thai Company Limited will thoroughly support and consult all requirements relating to Flake ice machine. All Flake ice machine manufactured at our company have their detailed design documents. We are confident to bring you optimal products.
Please contact NhatPhu Thai co,.ltd for advice to choose the Flake ice machine suitable for your needs.



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