Production line of pure tube ice

Pure tube ice machine is designed compactly with high quality, stable operation, long working life to bring high efficiency, energy saving, easy operation.


Water source used to produce clean ice must be pure water ensuring hygiene and safety.

The main parts include:

Compressor-condenser (heat exchange, heat rejection, cooling water pump system and cooling tower) throttle system and evaporation system …

Production line of pure tube ice

Production line of pure tube ice

The other parts:

Oil separator operates under the principle of changing direction and speed of the flow of refrigerant, basing on the density of refrigerant and oil dust. High-voltage container is used to contain high pressure and liquid refrigerant.Its tasks are to liberate heat exchange surface of the condenser and adequately supply the refrigerantto the throttle system-liquid separator-heat recovery container: Exchange heat upstreambetweengaseous refrigerant from the evaporator toheat boiler and liquid refrigerant in the coil.

Operating principle:

Thecompressor suckslow pressurevaporandcompresses itinto high pressure, high temperature vapor.Next, oil dust is separated from refrigerant vapor by the oil separator. The vapor enters the condenser where the heat exchange and heat rejection occur to lower the temperature and pressure and condensed into liquid form! Liquid refrigerant comes tothe heat recovery equipment and is cooled basing onthe refrigerant vapor after passing the evaporator! Liquidrefrigerant is put into the high pressurecontainer! At the throttle system, refrigerant flow pressure drops to vapor pressure! Refrigerant on the evaporator getsheat of ice and evaporate!

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